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Ecotech Marine


Ecotech Radion G5 PRO XR30 LED Light

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Ecotech Radion is now even better with improved LED lighting and giving an extra 35% luminance. Setting is easy with Mobius App connection making your corals look stunning with the best lighting available.

Radion G5 Blue
With improved performance on the Radion G5 not only with the luminance but also with the Colour, spread and shimmer of the LED optics.


HEI stands for Hemispherical Edge Illumination which means the G5 lens will deliver light in even uniformity and colour mixing like halide and T5 combos without only the LED efficacy uses far less power.


How impressive is the new HEI lens design? Just compare the previous generations of Radion lenses, which utilized the best optical technologies of the time.

Observing the respective PAR distribution of the reflector and TIR lenses, it is immediately apparent that HEI Optics offer a significant improvement from the perspective of providing usable coverage.


The new G5 has a 2 way combination to remove/dissipate heat. Firstly with the heat sink has been re-engineered from the ground up providing a larger surface area with multiple channels for advanced airflow cooling and dissipation of heat.
In doing this also allows the a lesser requirement for the active cooling fan to be operating, further reducing airflow noise and increasing long jeopardy of the fan.

There are 4 Models in the G5 series currently

XR30 in PRO and BLUE and the little brother the XR15 again in the Pro and the Blue. With the XR15 having a smaller footprint, lower wattage and less output which can be ideal for smaller tanks.

The biggest difference in the Blue and the Pro is the Pro has more Cool White LEDS while the Blue has more Blues for those that like the heaver Blue enhancing the luminescence of coral as shown in the specifications below.


From Aquaculture to the home aquarium, there is a high likelihood that the coral you know and love has been grown or “colored-up” under a generation of Radion Pros.

Powerful. Flexible. Proven.

  • Full Spectrum
  • 10 Channels
  • Radion Pro’s Balanced LED Mix
  • Proven Halide Spectrum and Previous Pro Spectrum
  • Flexible Spectral Output


    The industry standard for high output. Comprehensive spectrum and performance.


  • Length 30cm
  • Width 18cm
  • Height 3.9cm
  • Weight 2041g

  • Power Specifications
  • Power Consumption 180W
  • Universal Input Range 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Peak Inrush Current 4.0A

  • LEDs Colours
  • 24 x Cool White
  • 32 x Royal Blue
  • 16 x Blue
  • 4 x Photo Red
  • 6 x Green
  • 4 x UV(415)
  • 4 x UV(405)
  • 4 x Violet
  • 6 x Warm White
  • 2 x Lunar Light

  • An Ever Expanding Ecosystem

    You’ve invested in your ecosystem with the smartest and most capable EcoTech equipment.

    Now unlock the true potential of this system with nothing more than an app on your smart device.

    MOUNTING - Single and Multi RMS Mounts (Not Included - Optional Extras)

    These two specialised kits are designed for XR15 and XR30 model Radions. Each kit contains everything needed to mount a Radion light on almost any standard or rimless tank.

    Each kit contains multiple sliding rails and a rotatable x-bracket, allowing you to easily position your Radion precisely where you need it.


    The Multi-Light RMS offers a customisable multi-light mount solution for Radion XR30 and Radion XR15 lights. The Multi-Light RMS system features:

  • Built-in cable management
  • Compatibility with rimmed, rimless and euro-braced tanks
  • Rigid yet lightweight construction
  • Anodized aluminium finish
  • Slide mounts for horizontal and rotational adjustment
  • Optimal mounting for Radions at approximately 7 inches (18 cm) above the edge of the tank
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