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Clown Loach are a bottom dwelling fish that does very well when kept in a number to school and look great in an aquarium and perfect for cleaning up left over food.

Scientific Name

  • Botia macracantha

  • Origin: 

    Clown Loach originates from the inland waters in Indonesia on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.

    Maximum Size and Longevity
  • The maximum size of loaches varies between 40 -50 cm.
  • In aquaria it can reach a size of about 12 - 15cm easily.

  • Water Quality
  • Temperature: 25 oC - 28oC
  • pH: 6.4 – 7. 4
  • General Hardness: 150- 200 ppm


    In the wild, the Clown Loach is a bottom-dwelling omnivorous fish.

    They are not difficult to feed in an aquarium and it can be given a varied diet of Tetra Crisps, Tetra Colour Bits, bloodworms, flake food, live, frozen foods, freshwater shrimp and vegetable matter.

    Like all fish, juvenile Clown Loaches will relish the addition of live foods (such as black worms), They will also eat any snails within the aquarium.


    This beautiful peaceful fish with spectacular designs of black bands and bright red fins makes an excellent addition to a community tank.

    The Clown Loach will be a little shy when initially introduced to the tank but soon becomes accustomed to its new environment.

    Do not keep them with aggressive fish as they will stress out this sociable active fish.

    Colour and Varieties

    It has a long and laterally compressed body with an arched dorsal fin and four pairs of barbels.

    The main body is reddish orange in colour with three wide vertical black bands.

    Its mouth faces downwards and has fleshy lips.

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