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Betapet Yabbie Sticks Pellet 500g

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Australian Made formulated for Australian Yabbies. Yabbie Sticks are ideal as they are less mess and makes it easy for Yabbies to find and eat.

Yabbie Sticks

Specially formulated for Australian freshwater Crayfish, Lobster, Yabbie and Redclaw.

Feed daily and up to 4 times a day - feed smaller amounts to prevent clouding.

Yabbie Sticks promote the full health and growth supplying essential vitamins and minerals required in a daily diet.

Fish Meal, Meat Meal, Soy Extract, Egg, Kelp, Green Leaf Vegetable and vitamins and minerals

  • Protein 22%
  • Fat 4%
  • Fibre 3%

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