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Freshwater Fish


Assorted Gourami Large - In Store Pick Up Only

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Assorted Gourami Large - In Store Pick Up Only!


  • Gouramis are found in river plains in North, Eastern India, Assam, and Bangladesh.

  • Natural Habitat:
  • They usually inhabit densely vegetated slow moving water.

  • Maximum Size and Longevity

  • Gouramis will grow to approximately 11cm long.
  • They will live for up to 4 years if kept in the correct water and habitat conditions.

  • Water Quality

  • Temperature: 22°C - 28°C.
  • pH: 6.5—7.5
  • General Hardness: 50—150 ppm.

  • Feeding

    Gouramis are omnivorous and in the wild feed on small insects and larvae from the top of the water.

    They also readily feed on algae and plant matter.

    In the aquarium, they will feed on most types of feeds including floating pellets or flake.

    They also feed live or frozen foods like Bloodworms and Brine shrimp.

    Feeding live foods is essential in conditioning fish for breeding.


    Gouramis are a very peaceful fish and are more suited to a community tank that does not contain any predatory or aggressive fish.

    They can be kept with tetras, small barbs, native species such as Rainbowfish, as well as livebearers.

    Avoid keeping with large aggressive fish including some of the larger types of Gouramis.