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Aquael Leddy Smart Plant -6w (Black) LED Light

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An aquarium is not only a home for fish, shrimps, and plants, but also (and perhaps, first and foremost) a decoration. Therefore, aquarium accessories must be both functional and stylish, so that they are in harmony with modern interiors. The new LEDDY SMART energy- efficient aquarium lamp is an excellent example of how AQUAEL puts this principle into practice. It combines elegance and a minimalist form with great operational properties providing optimal conditions for the maintenance of any freshwater nano-aquarium.

The LEDDY SMART lamp is designed for aquarium tanks of a capacity between 10 and 50 l and of a height up to 35 cm. The high-tech LED is placed in a stylish flat lampshade that is just 1 cm thick. The lamp is very easy to install – just press the lamp’s arm onto the edge of an aquarium wall (note: wall thickness cannot exceed 6 mm). The powerful 6-W LED emits light with a colour temperature of 8000 K. This light not only provides proper conditions for the growth of aquarium plants but also ensures that the colours of all the inhabitants of the aquarium are rendered faithfully.

The LEDDY SMART lamps are indispensable to illuminate shrimp tanks and other small freshwater aquariums. Their additional advantage is lack of maintenance requirements and durability, since the LEDs they employ can operate without replacement for up to 50 thousand hours. In practice, this translates to more than 10 years of operation.

Aquael 6w Leddy Smart Plant (Black) The LEDDY SMART lamp is designed for aquarium tanks of a capacity between 10 and 50 l and of a height up to 35 cm (note: wall thickness cannot exceed 6 mm). Powerful 6-W LED emits a colour temperature of 8000k

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • advanced LED lighting technology
  • Low 6 Watt Power Consumption
  • Ideal for tanks 35cm High and capacity of 10-50l
  • a unique design: a futuristic super flat form (just 1 cm thick)
  • easy to install (on a tank wall whose thickness does not exceed 6 mm)
  • universal: colour temperature of 8000 K
  • lasting: up to 50 thousand hours of operation
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