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Aqua One


Aqua One MariGlo 60cm LED Marine Light Reflectors

Aqua One MariGlo LED light will brighten up your tank with a two white and one blue LED strips.

MariGlo Reflectors

The Aqua One MariGlo LED light unit provides an energy efficient lighting solution that enhances the colours of fish in the aquarium, whilst providing a spectrum that enhances coral growth.

The full spectrum supports beneficial photosynthesis and enhances pigmentation - creating an optimal environment for invertebrates and fish.

Energy efficient LED lighting.

Features contains 3 strips of LED’s in a sleek black aluminium casing – 2 x White and 1 x Blue.

Includes 2 power supplies. Each power supply controls an independent colour (blue or white) meaning that the power supplies can be put on separate timers, to automate the switching of each colour.

Mounting brackets can easily slide along the channels of the light unit to fit your aquarium. Easily mounted and adjustable with a “screw clamp” fixture.

Optional mounting - Includes a ‘suspension mount’ kit to mount your light over the aquarium.

Creates an aesthetically pleasing aquarium enhancing the colours of fish and invertebrates, whilst promoting coral growth.

LED lighting provides long term cost saving benefits due to a longer lifespan compared with traditional fluorescent tube replacements.

Suitable For:
  • Marine
  • Same light used on Minireef 120 and 150 Models

  • Marine Reflector
  • MariGlo 60
  • 57.5 cm Long
  • 22w
  • Fits tanks up to 62cm

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