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Aqua Medic


Aqua Medic Platinum Line Plus RO/DI Filter

Aqua Medic Premium Line 300 Reverse Osmosis. Premium reverse osmosis unit with a capacity of 240 - 300 litres per day @ 15deg C & 4 bar water pressure. Premium Line 300 uses two latest generation TFC (Polyamide / Polysulfone) RO membranes.

Platinum Line Plus reverse osmosis unit with a capacity of up to 400 litres per day @ 15deg C & 4 bar water pressure.



  • One 400l/day TFC (Polyamide / Polysulfone) RO membrane.
  • One 10" inch prefilter housing with sediment filter cartridge which retains all particles larger than 5 micron.
  • One 10" prefilter housing with combi sediment/activated carbon cartridge protects the RO membrane by removing chlorine.
  • One 10" DI prefilter housing filled with approximately 600ml of Ion Exchange Resin, for removal of minerals.
  • The prefilters, membrane module, pump & controller are mounted on a strong powder coated wall bracket.
  • 24v DC High Pressure pump, Water Pressure Gauge and RO Control Unit.

  • The Control unit displays TDS and indicates various operating functions.

    Automatic back flushing and continual monitoring of pure water output.

    TDS retention up to 99% with a recovery ratio (concentrate:permeate) of up to 1:1

  • L 38 x W 22 x H 47cm
  • 2 years (Excluding filter cartridges & RO Membranes)

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