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Aqua Medic K1 Protein Skimmer - up to 500l tanks

The K1 has been designed with the user in mind with high airflow, easy cleaning and a 3d printed needle wheel makes the K1 a very strong performer for a protein skimmer and the DC pump makes tuning a breeze complete with a 2 Year Warranty.

  • For Tanks up to 500 Litres
  • Product Code: AM412210
  • Warranty: 2 Years.

  • Specifications for K1:

  • Skimmer height to top of foam cup: H 45cm.
  • For sumps inside cabinets, approximately 48cm total height space (3cm above top of skimmer cup) is required to allow for foam cup removal.
  • Skimmer footprint approximately: 20 x 24cm
  • The optimal water level in the filter sump is between 14 - 18cm.
  • Maximum Air Volume: 1,000l/h
  • Power consumption: DC Runner K1 = 18watt max.
  • Power supply: Input 110-240v 50Hz; Output 24v DC
  • Please read instructions carefully and note the maintenance requirements especially for the DC Runner K1 pump.

  • K - Series protein skimmers are the latest generation of powerful and adjustable skimmers from Aqua Medic, for installation in a sump.

    The K1 skimmer is suitable for seawater aquariums up to 500ltrs capacity.


  • Smooth curved style reaction chamber design.
  • Skimmer can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning.
  • Minimal pipe work and near silent operation with adjustable water outlet positioned on the bottom of the housing.
  • Air silencer/air inlet can be freely positioned on the foam cup lid.
  • The DC Runner K1 pump features a new 'Power Wheel' which produces a high air volume and bubbles of optimum size and shape to maximize foam production.
  • The externally fitted DC Runner K1 pump is easily removed for cleaning without the need to dismantle and remove the entire skimmer from the sump, unlike skimmers with internally fitted pumps.
  • The foam production can be easily adjusted both manually with the skimmer adjustment dial and electronically with the DC Controller.

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