Aqua Medic Antiphos FE GFO 500ml

Use Aqua Medic Antiphos FE GFO when suffering the algae and high phosphates, GFO can help with reducing unwanted Phosphates.

  • Highly active iron based granulated phosphate and silicate remover for fresh and salt water aquariums to counteract unwanted algae growth.
  • Antiphos Fe (GFO) does not contain aluminium and is completely non-toxic to plants and animals and is very well suited for use in reef aquariums.
  • 500g can treat a normally stocked aquarium for 3-6 months depending on the phosphate load.
  • Antiphos Fe can bind approximately 10g phosphate/ kg.
  • Check the aquarium phosphate level on a regular basis to determine if the media requires replacement.

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