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Apex Neptune Systems


Apex Automatic Feeder System Module

The Automatic Feeding System is a fully integrated feeding solution for your aquarium. You can feed by time of day or day of week.

  • 11.4x7.9x9.4 (LxWxH in cm)
  • Easily connects to ANY Apex via the AquaBus interface
  • Compatible with all Apex Systems – Apex, Lite or Jr.
  • Feeds pellet or flake food in varying amounts as often as you like
  • ‘Stay Dry’ sealed food container keeps out moisture
  • All Apex program functions are available giving you flexibility to feed when and how you want
  • Mounts to the side of acrylic and glass tanks or sits on a flat surface
  • Powered via the Aquabus – will work worldwide, 15’ Aquabus cable included
  • Multiple feeders can be connected to the Apex – stock with different dry foods

  • The Automatic Feeding System is the first of its kind – a fully integrated feeding solution for your aquarium. You can incorporate any of the Apex program features into your feeding strategy – control your pumps and lights; vary feedings by time of day or day of week; suspend feedings if certain probe values are exceeded…there’s no end to the control you get with the Apex Aqua Controller and the Automatic Feeding System.


    The feeder can be mounted to the rim of your tank using the included mounting bracket or can sit on a flat surface. Four self-stick rubber feet are included that may be applied to the bottom of the feeder if you’re not going to use the bracket. Pull the drum out of the housing and pop off the lid to fill with your preferred dry food then just push the drum back into the housing on the rotation shaft. Adjust the orange slider (- +) to control how much food is released on each drum rotation.

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