Pet Worx


Air Curtain 90cm

  • AC Blister Packed 36inch / 90cm
  • Air curtain
  • 36" or 90cm
  • Black colour flex tube

  • Air Curtains are ideal for aquariums as it delivers oxygen for your fish, vertebrae and plants. The small bubbles help saturate the water with oxygen with a lot of fish preferring higher levels of oxygen in water. It also adds a fantastic look to your aquarium.

    Tip for using Air Curtains

    When using larger sized Air curtains it does take more air to deliver over a larger area - also when using them in deeper type tanks this will also require more pressure to deliver the air at lower depths. Some air pumps may have difficulty delivering more air to deeper tanks.

    Air Curtains that have two open ends allows for air line to be connected at either to help deliver the air consistently over the air curtain. Should your pump be strong enough to only need to attach to one end then you can simply terminate and close the other end by knotting a small piece of airline and attaching it to the other open end.

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