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ADA Aqua Design Amano


ADA Nature Aquarium Green Brighty Iron - 180ml

ADA Brighty Iron 180ml replenishes iron that are required by plants. The added iron will also bring out reds in plants.

ADA Brighty replenishes iron. The added iron will also bring out reds in plants.


A lack of iron results in chlorosis of leaves and poor plant growth. Supplying GREEN BRIGHTY IRON improves the colour of leaves and promotes growth of plants.

Special features of Green Iron.

Green Brighty Iron is a liquid fertiliser supplying Trace elements to planted aquariums.

Vigorously growing aquatic plants particularly require plenty of iron and if iron is insufficient, the growth and pigment synthesis of aquatic plants is affected.

Daily application of green Brighty Iron to the aquarium improves these problems and promotes healthy growth of aquatic plants.

The supplementation of trace element supply one push of the pump which will supply 1 ml of Green Brighty Iron to every 20 litres of aquarium water daily.

It is effective to add Green Brighty Iron when the lighting is on if there is a large amount of aquatic plants in the tank increase the amount of approximately two to three times the standard dose.

Nutrients other than Trace elements are also needed for healthy plant growth of aquatic plants.

Use Green brightly Neutral K for potassium supplementation Green Brighty Mineral for supplementation and Green Brighty Nitrogen for nitrogen supplementation.

This product has been verified that it is not harmful for living organisms such as fish and aquatic plants when used properly