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White Crane

Quick Q & A

Question: What is the difference between ADP Super R and Super G and the just Super R and Super G

Answer: ADP is designed for small fish like Tetra's and Guppies where a small pellet is required. The non ADP version is a larger pellet and designed for larger fish with it being a 3mm pellet.

Question: White Crane stops fish from breeding.

Answer: White Crane promotes colour in fish. While in some cases females may colour up which may reduce the breeding process, by not feeding the White Crane for approx 6 weeks the females will reduce their colouring and is very common for them to return to the regular breeding. It is not the food that effects the breeding it is the increase in colour that can effect the breeding.

Question: What is the difference between Super R and Super G.

Answer: Super R is directed at fish with a Red base line and has Astaxanthin as the main colour ingredient and ideal for Oscars and other predominantly Red fish. Super G is a all colour enhancer containing Spirulina and designed for bringing out all colours. If your fish are predominantly Red and you want to bring out the Reds then the Super R would be the suggested choice.

Question: Discus monthly, why a monthly food.

Answer: Discus monthly is a food not just for Discus and can be used on wide variety of fish. It is designed to clear the intestinal tract and also clear worms. The worms are not stunned to re-infest but it actually kills them.

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