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Live Aquarium Fish & Plants for Sale

Looking for the very best selection in Australia for quality home aquarium fish and aquatic plants can satisfy their needs right here at The Tech Den. You'll find saltwater fish for sale, freshwater fish for sale and live aquarium plants in a huge array of species. Our live freshwater fish are the best. The many Australian aquarium fish we have on offer are priced from as low as just a couple of dollars, as in the case of Neon Tetras from the Amazon, to nearly $500, as in the case of the Sohal Sturgeonfish, (Acanthurus sohal), native to the tropical reefs of the Indian Ocean.

With more than 400 items in this category, you're sure to find some things to pique your interest. Our live fish Australia store is located in Caboolture, Queensland. This is also where you'd collect your live fish orders. As you'll notice, most items here are for in store pickup only!