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Air Curtain 105cm Air Curtain 105cm
Price Only: $9.90
2 in stock!
Air Curtain 30cm Air Curtain 30cm
Price Only: $3.42
8 in stock!
Air Curtain 45cm Air Curtain 45cm
Price Only: $4.51
6 in stock!
Air Curtain 60cm Air Curtain 60cm
Price Only: $6.75
8 in stock!
Air Curtain 75cm Air Curtain 75cm
Price Only: $7.50
5 in stock!
Air Curtain 90cm Air Curtain 90cm
Price Only: $8.50
4 in stock!

Air Curtains

Usefully Decorative.

Air Curtains are not just great display items supplying beautiful curtains of bubbles highlighting the aquarium but also serve as great suppliers of oxygen maintaining a healthy enviroment and its community of inhabitants.
Air curtains come in a variety of sizes and are usually malleable allowing you to bend and shape them as required to suit your aquariums needs.